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Solomon and the idols contradiction in the Bible:

The following article was sent to me by brother Ahmed Khaled; may Allah Almighty always be pleased with him.

From:    ahmedkhaled@hotmail.com (ahmed khaled)
To:    Osama Abdallah
Subj:    Solomon Worshipping idols Notice
Date:    10/12/02 4:34:27 PM Central Daylight Time


I am sending you my notice on the Jews story of Solomon (peace be upon him) that he worshipped idols as stated in 1 Kings 11:4.  I found that 1 Chronicles and 2 Chronicles are similar to 1 Kings and 2 Kings in the description of the story of Israel's Kings.

The story of Solomon in 2 Chronicles1-9 is highly equivalent to 1 Kings 2-10.   However, Ezra in 2 Chronicles drops the section of 1 Kings11 as if this is so unimportant.  Even chapter 2 Kings 23 mentions that King Josiah destroyed the idols (made by Solomon in verse 2 Kings 23:13).  However, 2 Chronicles 34-35 does not mention that these idols were made by Solomon.  It seems that Ezra in Chronicles does not know anything about Solomon worshipping idols or at least dropping it as if it is unimportant.



2 Chronicles 1-9 = 1 Kings 2-10.

1 Kings 11 mentions that Solomon worshipped idols.

2 Chronicles 34-35 = 2 Kings 22:23.

Josiah in 2 Kings23:13 mentions that Solomon built idols.

Thanks and Best Regards
Ahmed Khaled






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