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The following software(s) was thoroughly tested by me and it works!

The sections of this article are:

1-  Operating System Solution.
2-  Software Solutions.




1-  Operating System Solution:

This is definitely the fastest and easiest solution.  Plus it is guaranteed to work against all viruses and situations!  You can just simply reinstall your operating system without necessarily deleting your entire 'C:\' drive.  Follow your Operating System's CD's instructions to overwrite your 'Windows' directory only and this will fix your entire problem with the spyware and all of the other satanic viruses that you might currently have on your system.

The reason these viruses work is because they get installed in your 'Windows' directory.   So by deleting the directory and reinstalling it, your system will go back to its original state.

Note:  You will have to reinstall some of or all of your softwares, because the "dll" system files that they copied to your 'Windows' directory will also get deleted, along with the registry files as well.

Another Note:  You will also have to reinstall your drivers for CD, Monitor resolution, Sound, etc...  If you have your drivers' zip files stored in your local drive, then I recommend copying them to any directory other than the 'Windows' one, because they would get deleted.  Once your Windows Operating System is reinstalled, then you can go ahead and reinstall your drivers.  They won't take long to do.


2-  Software Solutions:

There are a number of softwares that you can purchase.  The top three are:

  1. McAfee.
  2. Norton Antivirus.

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