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9/11: The biggest lie in history!

Watch these videos from White-Americans (not Arab-Muslims) proving that the Pentagon bombing was done by a Global Hawk drone!  No bodies and no airplane-debris were found!  Also, no noise was either recorded or detected by any ordinary person!



Why is the US supporting with billions of dollars Israel, a country led by an accused war-criminal Ariel Sharon? 

On 9/8/2004, the gentleman who sent me the email requested that I remove his name and email address along with his friend's from the article for security reasons.  I honored his request.  That is why you don't see a name of the sender.  But the email is valid and its contents remain unmodified.

The following was an email that was filled with helpful information.  I couldn't help but to make an article out of it.  I also want to say that I really appreciate the suggestions made regarding my views and my web site, even though with all due respect to Mr. [...............], but my religious views even though they might look biased, came from thorough studies of both Christianity and Islam. 

Another reason why I posted his email is to help him and his friend Mr. [...........] in their move to educating the American people about the real Truth of the American Government's Foreign policy in the Middle East and else where.

From:  [.............]
To: truthspeaks@answering-christianity.com  
Subject: Encouragement
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 02:03:01 -0400

Dear Mr. Osama Abdullah,

I believe that you have recently received an Email from my friend, [...........].  I share the same beliefs with him, and we are currently trying to gather some sort of movement to educate fellow Americans on the full story behind the current cycle of violence.

I am constantly shocked at how the Western world and its media always seem to cover their eyes and ears whenever atrocities are committed by Israel.

Consequently the public receives only one side and perspective (albeit an extremely altered one) of this conflict.  What passes for news these days is nothing more than propaganda.  It is upsetting to see the number of people who are ignorant to the fact that the US is responsible (for) these terrorist attack(s) both in the Mideast and on its own soil.  It is downright mind-numbing that the USA, the "international policeman", not only ignores the Israeli violation of human rights but also pours billions of dollars into a country led by an accused war-criminal (Ariel Sharon).  It is frustrating to see the double standards created by the news media, like Palestinian bombings labeled as terrorist acts, and Israel's recent assassination/bombing of the Hamas activist's home is regarded as a legal "preventive counter-attack".  It is unbelievable to see Israel treat the Palestinians in the same manner many of the Jews were treated by the Nazis.  To top things off, any criticism of Israel is seen to the majority of Americans as anti-semitic and is therefore nullified.

What the public needs is information.  Not "facts" gathered by Israeli intelligence, the American news media, and not by any party affiliated with any of the governments involved in this conflict.  Your website, while presenting the facts and viewpoints that the media would never reproduce (it contradicts everything they've been feeding us for the past 50 years), is quite religiously biased.  By no means is this a bad thing, you present another viewpoint and voice to the world. 

Unfortunately not all will agree with your theological standings and thus block out any of the hard facts and data that cannot be denied, regardless of the reader's religious beliefs.  My suggestion is to create two different websites, one focusing on the atrocities and corruption of Israel and the USA, and the condition of the Arab and Muslim people in the Mideast. It should include numbers, data, and other hard facts. The other should contain the religious aspects of the conflict, and your full, unabridged voice I have no desire to censor you, I want more people (specifically Jews) to be able to open their eyes and see that the conflict between the western and Arab world is not as it is presented by the Media, the USA, and Israel.

By the way, Here are some links to a few articles and sites that may be of interest to you. I hope that you find them useful.












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