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War Crimes by the Israeli Army in the Jenin Camp:

The sections of this article are:

1-  War Crimes by the Israeli Army in the Jenin Camp.
2-  The Massacre to the Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more") in India.
  The article briefly talks about
      the Hindus' anti-Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more") riots and clashes that occurred in India.
3-  Other Related Web Sites.

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

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Faiz Rehman, Communications Director
April 16, 2002                
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* Amid the ruins of Jenin, the grisly evidence of a war crime (Independent)

* Et tu Bush... (Arab News)


* A Mideast Fence (The New York Times)

* Crisis Deepens Impact of Arab TV News (NYT)

* Lives Reduced to Rubble (The Washington Post)

* Mideast Atrocities (The Washington Post)

* Tutu calls US soft on Israel (Boston Globe)


* Srebrenica Massacre: Dutch PM to Offer Resignations of Cabinet (AFX)


Amid the ruins of Jenin, the grisly evidence of a war crime

Phil Reeves in Jenin
16 April 2002

The Indpendent

A monstrous war crime that Israel has tried to cover up for a fortnight has finally been exposed. Its troops have caused devastation in the centre of the Jenin refugee camp, reached yesterday by The Independent, where thousands of people are still living amid the ruins. A residential area roughly 160,000 square yards about a third of a mile wide has been reduced to dust. Rubble has been shovelled by bulldozers into 30ft piles. The sweet and ghastly reek of rotting human bodies is everywhere, evidence that it is a human tomb. The people, who spent days hiding in basements crowded into single rooms as the rockets pounded in, say there are hundreds of corpses, entombed beneath the dust, under a field of debris, criss-crossed with tank and bulldozer treadmarks. In one nearby half-wrecked building, gutted by fire, lies the fly-blown corpse of a man covered by a tartan rug. In another we found the remains of 23-year-old Ashraf Abu Hejar beneath the ruins of a fire-blackened room that collapsed on him after being hit by a rocket. His head is shrunken and blackened. In a third, five long-dead men lay under blankets.



Et tu Bush...

By L. Ramnarayan, Arab News Staff (Arab News)

"Siege prevails as first the Palestinian leader and then the Palestinian people are ringed in by Israel’s military might in an attempt to smother every expression of a just fight for their rights. But Sharon is an honorable man....

"Called a ‘Man of Peace’ by Bush, Sharon - told to withdraw “Now, without delay, not tomorrow” - caused the lone superpower to blink first as he continued his quest for peace through the barrels of guns. But Sharon is an honorable man...."



Crisis Deepens Impact of Arab TV News

The New York Times

CAIRO, April 15 — For the last two weeks, Essam al-Sayed has abandoned his normal social life. He no longer stops at his local cafe after work, gathers with friends or goes out to see his extended family. In place of such things, he said, there is only television.



A Mideast Fence (Letter to the Editor, The New York Times)

To the Editor:

Re "Israel's Security Requires a Sturdy Fence," by Ehud Barak (Op-Ed, April 14):

Mr. Barak proposes that Israel in effect annex some 25 percent of the West Bank, in addition to all of East Jerusalem, and build a series of fences to keep the rest of the Palestinian population caged in small ghettos dominated by the Israeli Army.

This is a prescription for permanent apartheid, and would ensure that the Israeli occupation will never end. It will mean that the focus of finding a way for the 4.8 million Jewish Israelis and 4.8 million Palestinian Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more") and Christians to live together in peace and equality will no longer be about creating two states, since the Palestinian state will have become an impossibility.

The struggle for justice will, by necessity, have to shift back to a confrontation with Zionism as such, and to a resumption of the quest for a democratic, secular state with equal rights for all people in the whole of historical Palestine.

President, American-Arab
Anti-Discrimination Committee
Washington, April 14, 2002


Lives Reduced to Rubble

Washington Post Foreign Service

JENIN REFUGEE CAMP, West Bank, April 15 -- The heart of this battered Palestinian shantytown of 13,000 inhabitants has been erased from the face of the earth, its maze of apartment houses and twisting streets bulldozed by the Israeli military into a vast crater of broken concrete.



Mideast Atrocities (The Washington Post, Letter to the Editor)

"Israeli soldiers strictly enforce a curfew, to the point that someone who sticks his or her head out a window risks losing it."  That was one of the more chilling statements in The Post's eye-opening April 12 news story documenting the killing by Israeli gunfire of a mother in Ramallah, as well as other Palestinian civilian casualties.

But another, in the form of a question, was even more telling: "How abundantly has this operation fed a lust for revenge . . . among Palestinians related to civilian victims?"

Both sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have seen tragic deaths, destruction and terror. But Ariel Sharon's defiance of President Bush by continuing his military aggression against Palestinians is not deterring suicide bombers and instead may provoke further waves of violence from revenge-seeking Palestinians.

There's little doubt about it: Mr. Sharon's siege in the West Bank is making things worse. It must end, for the sake of Israel's long-term security.

Obviously President Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell haven't stressed this forcefully enough.




Tutu calls US soft on Israel
Nobelist speaks to Boston group on Mideast crisis

By Steven Wilmsen, Globe Staff, 4/14/2002

Likening Israel's treatment of Palestinians to the oppression of blacks by the white apartheid government in South Africa, Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu yesterday chided the Bush administration for being too soft on prime minister Ariel Sharon.

''I can't believe the United States really believes in its impotence'' to halt Israel's military reprisals, Tutu told reporters at Boston's Old South Church, where the retired archbishop spoke at a conference aimed at ending the Israeli occupation of Gaza and the West Bank.

''They have leverage, and they know they have leverage,'' he said. ''Any administration knows it has the capacity. Whether they have the will is another thing.''

Tutu said the Bush administration should demand Israel withdraw from the Gaza and the West Bank, adding that Israel's isolation of Yasir Arafat was ''bizarre and humiliating.''

Speaking earlier to a gathering of about 500 peace activists and members of the pro-Palestinian group Sabeel at the church, he urged a movement in the United States to ''put out a clarion call to the people and the government of Israel.''

''An unjust Israeli government - no matter how powerful - will ultimately fall,'' he said.

Jewish leaders reacted strongly to Tutu's remarks.

''It's tragic that a person of his moral credentials would sacrifice them with such an ugly slur,'' said Rob Leikind, director of the New England chapter of the Anti-Defamation League. ''Israel is in a simple fight for survival. It's a sad day for all of us when people engage in that kind of hyperbole.''

Tutu said that he opposes Palestinian suicide bombings, but that the only way to achieve peace is for Israel to make the first move.

With a crowd of pro-Palestinian protesters lining the sidewalks outside, Tutu said he also is ''saddened'' by the apparent lack of sympathy for the Palestinian cause in America and by the Bush administration's apparent unwillingness to rebuff Israeli interests at home.

''Somehow, the Israeli government is placed on a pedestal, where to criticize them is to be immediately dubbed as anti-Semitic,'' he said. ''The Jewish lobby is powerful. Very powerful. So what? This is God's world.''

Tutu, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for his role in dismantling the white government of South Africa, in part by inspiring a peaceful black uprising and focusing world attention on the region - said the movement was inspired ''on a deep level'' by Jewish traditions and by Israeli Jews themselves.

But on a recent visit to Palestinian towns, he said he viewed Israeli destruction with a Palestinian villager.

''He pointed out in the distance and said, `That used to be my home, but Jews live there now,''' Tutu said. ''I then recalled how in South Africa, people of color would point in much the same way at their homes that were now occupied by whites.

''I have seen the humiliation of the Palestinians at roadblocks. It reminded me of what happened to us in South Africa, where they battered us and heckled us, and they took joy in humiliating us. My heart aches. Have my Jewish friends forgotten their own history? Have they turned their backs on their own profound religious traditions?''

Tutu urged college students to protest Israel's action as they protested apartheid in the 1980s and said the fact that blacks are free now should give people hope for peace in the Middle East.

''We are free today in South Africa because of people like yourselves, people who - when it looked like they were trying to make hell freeze over - you went on. And look at us now. We are free.''

Meanwhile, protesters outside displayed banners and signs reading ''Palestinians are People Too'' and ''No more US $$ to Israel.''

''Why is there so much hate?'' asked Husam Hamdam, who lives in Boston but grew up in the Palestinian town of Jenin, where Israeli bulldozers have wreaked havoc in recent days. ''My parents went there to start a new life, and now it is taken away again. These people, they have been crucified twice.''



April 15, 2002 [Dearborn, Michigan] - A women's peace rally, in solidarity with Palestine, will be held outside the Heritage Manor (7258 Chase Road) in Dearborn on Wednesday, April 17, 2002 at 6:00 PM.

Women in the community, who stand together with the Palestinians, as they seek freedom from occupation and oppression in the Middle East, have organized this rally under the Arab American Community Forum (AACF).

The rally will include a unity prayer, followed by a few brief speeches that will focus on the current situation facing the Palestinians and the urgency of establishing peace.

All women are invited and encouraged to attend this peaceful gathering, in order to bring attention to the atrocities that have occurred in Palestine as a direct result of Israeli aggression. Currently, the violence in the Middle East against Palestinians is at its highest in 18 months.

As peace-loving individuals, we urge you to join hands with the women of our community for the sake of the Palestinians who are losing their land, homes and lives in Occupied Palestine. We must continue to make a strong statement that we will not tolerate any further injustices in the Holy Land.


Nablus victims rejoin the living
Couple survive eight days under rubble

The Guardian
An elderly Palestinian couple were restored to life after eight days among the dead, entombed in the rubble of a home demolished by Israeli army bulldozers - the unlikely survivors of the deadliest single episode of Israel's crushing military offensive. Three generations of the Shuabi family were buried alive when the shovel of an Israeli army bulldozer clawed the second floor off their home in the old town of Nablus, collapsing the building on 10 occupants.



Srebrenica Massacre: Dutch PM to Offer Resignations of Cabinet

AMSTERDAM (AFX) - Prime Minister Wim Kok said he will offer his cabinet's resignation to Queen Beatrix this afternoon over a report on the 1995 Srebrenica massacre in Bosnia which blamed the government for sending Dutch UN peacekeepers on a "mission impossible" to protect the UN-declared safe haven.

"I will go to the Queen and offer the resignation of all my ministers and state secretaries. After that I will return to parliament to explain the decision," Kok said.

The cabinet held a crisis meeting this morning to discuss the political consequences of a recent report on the Dutch government's role in the fall of Srebrenica in Bosnia.

The resignation is largely symbolic since a general election was already scheduled for next month.

The government is expected to remain in office with caretaker status -- as is usual after an election -- until a new government coalition is formed, a process which can take several months.

According to news reports however, Development Cooperation Minister Jan Pronk - a member of Kok's Labour Party -- and Defence Minister Frank de Grave -- of the right-wing VVD party -- are expected to leave immediately as they regard their positions as untenable following the report.

The July 1995 massacre of 7,500 Muslim men and boys has been the subject of a five-year report commissioned by the government and prepared by the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation.

Last week the institute presented its findings, which blame both the Dutch government and military leaders as well as the UN for setting up a mission that was doomed to fail.



The Massacre to the Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more") in India:

Death toll in Indian anti-Muslim riots could be 2,000: NGOs

Agence France-Presse (Copyright 2002)

AHMEDABAD, India, April 16 (AFP) - Non-governmental organisations said Tuesday that the death toll from anti-Muslim riots in the western Indian state of Gujarat could be as high as 2,000 -- far more than the official government figure of 850.

"From the figure that we have gathered from the various camps and other sources, we can easily quote a figure of minimum 2,000 dead in the recent riots," said Cederic Prakash, a Christian priest, who runs a Gujarat human rights NGO named Prashant.

"These of course would include those missing who are presumed dead," he said.

Some western diplomats in New Delhi said the death toll in the anti- Muslim riots could be even higher with the number of dead and missing nearing 3,000.

The National Human Rights Commission and opposition parties have charged the state government with failing to prevent revenge attacks in the immediate aftermath of the train attack.

The army was sent in to control the violence, but police said more reports of violence and arson were coming in every day with 10 deaths recorded on an average each week. More dead bodies were being recovered everyday, relief workers said.

Salimbhai Sindhi, the elected head of Kediyath village, more than 200 kilometres (124 miles) from Gujarat's commercial capital Ahmedabad, said some of the dead may never be accounted for.

"When we went to Kediyath village to look for the missing, all we found was burnt down houses.

"As we were driving back, we saw some vultures and we went closer to investigate. We saw vultures pecking on four bodies. Like this, there could be any number of bodies unaccounted for which may have been disposed of," he said.


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