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Warning against the anti-Islam missionaries of www.QuranBrowser.com!!

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam,

As'salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatu Allah Wa Barakatuh (may Allah Almighty's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you) and also be upon your families as well.

I want to warn you against the anti-Islam Christian missionaries of www.QuranBrowser.com.  This web site uses the most lethal and stealthy methods to attack Islam.  In their output result pages, they have links that are aliased with asterisks (*) that route the user, if he/she clicks on it, to a different web site.  I have noticed that they link heavily to www.. and debate.domini.org web sites (Examples: Query on Noble Verse 2:23, and also on the word "treaty".  You'll see that they link in the asterisks "*" links to the anti-Islamic sites).  Now those who are familiar with these anti-Islam web sites would immediately see that the missionaries of www.QuranBrowser.com are striking Islam in very special and unique ways.  They want to gain the trust of all Muslims by having them use their site for searching and researching the Noble Quran, and then they strike Islam by linking to these rubbish web sites.  Very slick, but not any more!  The game stops right here!!  This is the main reason why I have decided to strengthen my www.QuranSearch.com project.  I have far more translations than them with the same advanced features and capabilities that they offer.  So there is not a single reason whatsoever for any Muslim, after this warning, to use their despicable and deceptive web site for researching the Noble Quran!!

Please pass this warning message to all of the Muslims that you know who use the internet and whom you think would research the Noble Quran online.  This is not about me and my web site.  I do not collect any money for the work that I do for the sake of Allah Almighty, and I made this loud and clear on the site.  So please don't think that I am taking advantage of this situation for personal gain.  It is our duty as Muslims to protect Islam and to cherish it!  This is what I am doing, and this is what Allah Almighty also expects you to do. 

I am not saying that you must use my web site brothers and sisters.  But if you fear Allah Almighty, and you have the least respect and admiration for Islam, then you must discontinue, at once, using these infidels as a helpful resource, and to also discontinue helping their rank on the web by discontinuing to visit them.  Not only that, but you must also warn all of the Muslims around you from them!

By the way, you can also download my FREE Noble Quran Search Software, which will soon insha'Allah (if Allah Almighty is Willing) contain all of the English translations, the Arabic Noble Quran, and the world's major language-translations in it all for FREE!

Thank you very much for reading my warning message dear beloved brothers and sisters in Islam, and may Allah Almighty greatly bless you and your families!  Ameen.

Your humble brother in Islam, always,
Osama Abdallah


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