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Documentation of malicious attacks (hacks) on my site:

Peace and Blessings be upon you,

Below is the log of the hack attempts that occurred against this precious web site, www.answering-christianity.com:


May 4th, 2010 and several other previous dates:

Viruses were planted on my website.  The files that exist on my personal hard drive, at home, and the ones that existed on the server were different!  The virus scripts that were planted in my files, on the server, do not exist in the files that I have on my personal computer.  Either my new hosting company was hacked or some anti-Islamic clown, from the inside of the company, is playing games.  Either way, I will combat this hard by uploading my entire website once every week, insha'Allah (if Allah Almighty is Willing)!  Yes, the many thousands of files and objects of my website will be uploaded on weekly basis, insha'Allah.  I will automate this process to make it go smooth and almost effortless from me, insha'Allah.  None of this should effect you.  The uploading shouldn't take more than 1 hour per week, insha'Allah.  I have a very fast internet connection.

I am terribly sorry dear brothers and sisters and friends for having this issue.  My website is, unfortunately, among the top targeted Islamic websites on the internet.  This is a fact and not an empty claim, and it surely deserves any sacrifice that I (your humble servant of Allah Almighty) give it.  Please bear with me as I defeat these infidels and their plots, by Allah Almighty's Will and Mercy.  And for the staff of my new hosting company, I promise you (!), if I am able to prove that you are behind it, then I will sue you and your company for millions of dollars!  I do, after all, still remain an American citizen and do have all of the Rights of Free Speech and Expression.  My expositions of your pornographic bible (the book that PRAISES AND SINGS GLORY-SONGS on things such as she literally wished if her lover was her actual brother so she would freely take him to "our bed" to have sex with him while they're alone, and her breasts and vagina taste like "wine"), and refutations to your false man-made trinity beliefs, and the bible's ample contradictions and corruptions, do not invalidate my Rights of Free Speech and Expression as a US-Citizen.  You know, the freedom of speech and expression is not just limited to your bible-following whores who expose 99% of their nakedness in the beaches and public places through wearing bikinis and other sexually provoking clothes, without finding any problem in it in the bible.  Guys like me do also have those same Rights!

And to see the irrefutable proofs for the Divine Truth of Islam, visit:  The Overwhelming Scientific Miracles in the Noble Quran!


December 7th, 2005:

Another malicious attack happened against my web site that brought it down for approximately 2 hours on Wednesday 12/07/2005, approximately between the hours of 3:30 to 5:50 PM EST.   I happened to catch it when I did a routine visit and check to my web site and found out that it was "temporarily down".  I called my web hosting company and found out that a third malicious hack attempt was brought down before any damage occurred to the site.

May Allah Almighty continue to protect this precious web site from the hateful polytheist trinitarian pagans and any other enemies of Islam that wish to harm this web site and its authors.  Ameen.


May 12th, 2005:

My web site was once again maliciously attacked and brought down for almost 24 hours by an enemy of GOD Almighty.  Apparently, some of the polytheist trinitarian pagans can't stand the Truth that is on my web site.

Rest assure that these challenges only raise my spirit to fight longer and harder for the sake of Allah Almighty.  So in a way, I appreciate what the enemies are doing, and as always, I pray for them. 

Rest assure also that who ever is responsible, whether he is an insider from my web hosting company or an outsider, I am going to find him insha'Allah (if Allah Almighty is Willing).

My advise to the weasel is to drop his nonsense because it will only hurt him.  If he sends me an email of apology, then I openly declare that I will forgive him and Pray for him.  But sooner or later, he will be found, insha'Allah.


April 4th, 2005:

The reason why my site was down for several hours on Monday, April 4th, 2005:

My web site was almost hacked by someone.  Luckily, my web hosting company caught the malicious act just on time and completely disabled my web site for several hours to make sure that the backup files from the night before were the same as the current ones.  Too bad for the weasel who tried to hack my site, he needs to do better next time :-).

He also better pray that he doesn't live in the US, because we're tracing him down, and if he is in the US, then I promise him I won't leave him until I milk him good in a lawsuit.

Anyway, I just want to warn my Muslim brothers and sisters who are using my "Free Muslim Marriage Connection" service.  As of today, there are almost 1,500 registered users, for free of course.  I want to renew my previous warning (click on "Login" to read it) to you about the possibility of my site being hacked and to make sure that the password that you have on my site for your account is not the same one that you have for your the email address with your internet company.


Please make sure that your password on my site is NOT THE SAME as your email accounts' one.


Thank you brothers and sisters, and may Allah Almighty bless you!

Your brother in Islam, always,
Osama Abdallah

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