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Download my website's files:

The following files contain the complete website's files up to and including 09/17/1999 - 03/30/2023.  Make sure to unzip all of the files to the same directory.  Also, unzip the latest HTML updates file after the file to get the latest updates replace the older files.  After finishing downloading each zip file below, right-mouse-click on the zip file and select extract.  To download, Right-mouse-click a link and choose the Save As option, and save it to a directory.

  1.  (1.6 gb, all html, ppt, pdf, xls, doc files).
  2. Latest html updates.
  3. All media files.
  4. (Only 354 bytes).  This is the offline index.html.


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DISCLAIMER:  All Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more") are free to use and distribute the contents of this website freely as they see best to propagate Islam, whether for commercial purposes or for not-for-profit purposes.  This website is solely and entirely owned and operated by me, yours truly and humble servant of Allah Almighty Osama Abdallah.  It is not part of any commercial or religious organization or entity, nor does it represent any commercial or religious organization or entity.  It is simply a website that was designed to refute and debunk the anti-Islamics, and to spread the Divine Truth of Islam to mankind.  Copyright Answering-Christianity.Com.  All rights reserved.  Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more"), however, can use and distribute the contents of this website in their publications, whether for commercial use or free use, as they best see fit to propagate Islam.  I only kindly ask you, however, to please provide the URL reference of the material that you borrow as a reference in your article or articles, but this is not a mandatory condition.  You may choose to ignore it, since I despise all Islamic cults, from Sunnis and Shias, and understand that I may cause you embarrassment and conflict.  This website was blocked in some countries in the past.  You may also choose to ignore to reference my name on any of the articles that I've directly authored.  However, you must at least mention the brothers' and sisters' names of whom you choose to borrow their material.  You may choose to not give the URL reference to the articles they authored on this website, but you must, nonetheless, mention their name if you borrow their authored material.

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