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9/11: The biggest lie in history!

Watch these videos from White-Americans (not Arab-Muslims) proving that the Pentagon bombing was done by a Global Hawk drone!  No bodies and no airplane-debris were found!  Also, no noise was either recorded or detected by any ordinary person!



Forgiveness and revenge in Islam:

I wrote three articles that cover this topic very well:

1- Does Islam really encourage Muslims to take revenge?  Absolutely not!  See how Islam doesn't believe in revenge.

2- Good manners in Islam.  Repel evil with good, forgive and forget and you will get double the reward!

3- My explanation to the "Attack" on the US from the Islamic perspective.  In this article, I explained in details the point of view of the Suicide attackers from the Islamic perspective.

If someone tries to kill you, and fails, are you allowed to kill him back in Islam?


So does Islam teach Muslims to forgive or to revenge then?!

Islam doesn't teach Muslims to revenge from anyone.  What happened in the US was not a revenge.  It was a declaration of war.  Even though it is clearly stated in the Noble Quran to forgive and forget if the enemy inclines toward peace, and Islam also prohibits the killing of women, children, elderly, soldiers not carrying weapons, enemy animals, and destroying crops, but to the Suicide attackers, the US never inclined toward peace.

Yes, Islam does command the Muslims to repel evil with good and to forgive and forget, but Islam also on the other hand, prohibits the Muslims from being hypocrites!

In other words, to the Islamic fundamentalists, making peace with the US today is totally a hypocritical, because the US (1) Is imposing corrupted governments on the Muslim and almost the entire third world nations; (2) The US is continuing its aggression on Iraq and had caused the death of 1.5 million Iraqi civilians from the Sanctions only.  This is what CNN sources say!

So how is the US inclining toward peace then?  And since the US is the super power and is ABUSING many Muslim countries, then to the Islamic fundamentalists, why should any REAL MUSLIM make peace with the US?  Wouldn't that be hypocrisy?

Yes, Islam commands the Muslims to make peace and to spread peace, but as I said, Islam also prohibits the Muslims from being hypocrites, and it commands them to fight the aggressors in the name of GOD Almighty.

If you, for instance, come and slap me on the face, then Islam, like Christianity, commands me to forgive you.  Please visit the first 2 links listed at the beginning of the article above for more details.  But if I find you, for instance, hitting and hurting people every single day, then Islam commands me to fight you and stop you.

This is how the Islamic Fundamentalists view the US and Israel today.  The US and Israel are continuos aggressors to the Muslims.


The Muslim fundamentalists never really started any war!

Anyway, it is important to know that the Muslim fundamentalists never really started any war with the US.  The US had always started the trouble!  Take Osama Bin Laden for instance, if you read up on his history and the reasons why he declared the war on the US, then you would see that he did it because of the US excessive aggression on the Iraqi people.

As I said above, the US had caused the death of 1.5 million Iraqi lives from the Sanctions alone.  Again, this is what CNN sources say!

Please visit the above 3 links to see the quotes and their references for my claims in this article.


The point is:

There is a difference between being a peaceful person, and a coward hypocrite in Islam.   Standing up for your people and for what's right is not taking revenge from anyone!   It simply means that you are doing the right thing.

I know well that this not only exists in Islam, but also in Christianity.  That is why some Christian fundamentalists blew up abortion clinics and killed several doctors who performed abortion operations in the US.  They called themselves "The Army of GOD".  To them, the government was corrupt and the people were corrupt as well.  So to save innocent lives, they had to send the message across.  They had to be heard.  And unfortunately, it had to be done through some actions.





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If someone tries to kill you, and fails, are you allowed to kill him back in Islam?

Does Islam really encourage Muslims to take revenge?

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