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Comparing the translations:

The following are Jewish translations:

Name My learnt translation From Hebrew Resources Christian Translation Of Hebrew
Ezekiel "Strong God" "God Strengthen"
Israel "Challenge God", "he struggles with God", or "fight with God".  It also means "Defeat God". "God Prevails"
Gabriel "Strong God" "Warrior of God"
Isaiah "Salvation from Yahweh" "Jehovah has saved"
Joshua "Yahweh Saves" "Jehovah is salvation"
Elli "God" "God"
Immanuel "With us is God" "With us is God"
Jesus "Salvation" "Salvation"
Elihu "My God is He" "He is my God"
Gedaliah "Yahweh is Great" or "Jehovah is Great" "Jehovah is great"
Eliadah "Yahweh knows" "God knows"
Eliab "God is Father" "God is father"
Elzaphan "God is Protector" "God is protector"
Eliakim "God raises" "God raises"
Elisha "God is Salvation" "God is salvation"
Eleazar "God has helped" "God has helped"
Hashabiah "Yahweh has Considered or Decided or Chose to" "Jehovah has considered"
Mattithiah "Gift of Yahweh" "gift of Jehovah"
Judah or Yahawdah "Praised". It generally means "Praised by Yahweh". "Praised"





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