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Lack of Oxygen and low air pressure in space.

The constant reduction of earth's size:  The earth used to be 200 times bigger!

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Iron was sent down to earth from space.

The origins of the Universe, Big Bang theory, Cosmic Crunch, and the creation of the SECOND EARTH after the second Big Bang in the Noble Quran and Science.  Also, Dr. Zaghlool's scientific explanation of the earth and heaven coming to Allah Almighty "willingly or unwillingly" and how each celestial object behaves differently depending on its mass.

The Cosmic Crunch and the creation of the second Universe and second earth.

Time and the Speed of Light precisely calculated and mentioned in the Noble Quran.


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The mystery in Iron Miracle of the Quran.




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Iron, A Theoretical End Of All Matter ?


17:49 They said, "After we turn into bones and fragments, do we ( really) get resurrected anew?!"

17:50 Say, "Even if you turn into rocks or iron.

17:51 " Or any creation which , in your minds, appears even more difficult." They will then say, "Who will bring us back?" Say, "The One who created you in the first place." They will then shake their heads and say, "When will that be?" Say, "it may be closer than you think."

In 17:49 disbelievers, in effect, deny the resurrection. From experience, they have seen and they observe all around them that all bodies and all things turn into dust and fragments and so they think that is the end of all things, there will be no further changes and certainly no resurrection. In 17:50,51 God answers the disbelievers and of course confirms the resurrection. In addition, apparently as further proof to future generations, He combines it with a scientific fact not known until 20th century.

As you note the two verses are, essentially, stated in hypothetical form and two distinct ideas are expressed in them; one implicitly and one explicitly. It is clear from the verse that rocks and iron and not just bones, dust and fragments (as disbelievers thought) are the ultimate end of things and it is explicit that although iron would be the end, this state will not be reached ( : even if you turn into....).

The use of this example has been puzzling to students of Quran, because it seems to be out of place in this passage. Many explanations have been given such as: iron is very useful metal, it is very heavy and hard metal etc. These are all true but do not resolve the dilemma as to why it has been cited in this particular connection.

The developments in Quantum Mechanics and our understanding of quantum tunneling effects beginning in the 1920's , I think, has put a new light on this passage and proved once more the magnificence of the Quranic statement.

We can summarize these developments by stating that matter continues to seek its lowest energy level, most stable form ( it achieves it through decay and subatomic particle exchange). We know that iron is the most stable element in the Universe, According to the rules of Quantum Mechanics , given enough time , all matter ( stars, trees, planets, humans, etc.,) will eventually turn into iron. In fact some scientists have done speculative calculations showing that in about 10^1435 years essentially all that is left will turn into " purest iron, the element possessing the most stable nucleus. " Then over even a longer span, in about 10 ^10^76 years, more transformation will take place and all that is left according to these calculations will be: "wandering bits of iron, few stray photons and black holes, " : even if you turn into rocks or iron..... or any creation which, in your minds , appears even more difficult , you will be resurrected......"

According to recent calculations, based on Quranic data, the world will apparently end in 2280, long before any of these can possibly takes place. In addition, there may be some other theoretical considerations that may prevent this eventuality. So we can now see why God has used the example of iron , to refute erroneous understanding of disbelievers regarding the end of matter, why He has used, the conditional form, something that may be theoretically possible but will not take place, to show that these verses, like every other verse of Quran is indeed from God.

Do the disbelievers still insist that this Quran is from other than God?


All praise belongs to God

- Hossein Kowsari



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