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Why are we exposing Sam Shamoun's excessive foul mouth?

Sam Shamoun is a sick and demented individual.  He has the worst reputation among Christian apologists on the internet, and he carries so much hate toward Muslims.  In the online-audio debates world (on paltalk), he almost always goes online to only talk in his room that he administers and "owns".  This allows him to bounce any unwanted visitor and put a "red dot" on anyone which would disable his/her ability to speak on the microphone and/or type text.  Sam Shamoun takes full advantage of this and "red dots" Muslims, including the manerful and polite ones, and starts cursing out Islam, Prophet Muhammad, GOD Almighty, and the persons themselves whom he was supposedly debating, especially when he feels that the integrity of his religion is being threatened by sound Truth and Reason.  We have countless documented examples in both audio and text of this in his section.  His only objective is to act childish and to upset/enrage (as he hopes) the Muslims who visit his room.  That's all he is after.  He is not after objective and intellectual debates, and he is certainly not respectful to his guests.  He also refuses to go to other rooms to debate Muslims, especially those who can refute the falsehood of his man-made beliefs.  Now while there are Muslims and non-Muslims out there who might act as low and filthy as him - by talking rubbish to their visitors and putting red dots on them - but not everyone is like that.  I personally challenged him several times before to come to my room and debate me on an intellectual level, but he constantly refused.  Not only that, but he also threw many foul remarks at me and at other Muslims as well.

(Please be advised that the following is only one example from the tens (10s) of audio and text documents that we have posted in his section.  This is of course not counting the countless others that we did not document!)

Dk-man7: Answering Islam: so thanks for prvoing u are not a man like ur prophet
Answering Islam: pass that on
www QuranSearch Com:  tell him to come to my room and debate me right now
www QuranSearch Com:  and see who is the coward
www QuranSearch Com:  we already exposed his foul mouth
www QuranSearch Com:  so no need for me to further prove it
www QuranSearch Com:  it's on tape and text on our site
www QuranSearch Com:  read it and hear it
Dk-man7: Answering Islam: spinelss coward
Answering Islam: u had the courage to go into someone else's room
Answering Islam: but now need to make excuses
www QuranSearch Com:  you see who is the coward now?
Dk-man7: Answering Islam: we know u are a fag
Answering Islam: and don't have the guts
www QuranSearch Com:  Thank you for calling me a "fag" because I'll post it on the site tonight


This ill-mannered and sick individual thinks that by throwing such foul remarks at the person then the latter will be enraged.  It might work with kids who can be easily intimidated and antagonized by these cheap tactics, but it usually doesn't work with adults.  And even if we suppose that he successfully antagonized some adults, I still don't know what he thinks he has accomplished by this?  Is this the Christian-apologetic work that he is supposed to be doing - for instance by calling a Muslim a "gay" who is looking forward to get "raped", and is turned off by "large" you know what? (listen to the audio)  Is this the Christian way of talking to non-Christians?  Certainly, his garbage only exposed what a foul, low and dumb person he is.  He obviously was either brought up in a bad family, or he was excessively abused in his youth.  In either case, he needs serious help because the constant foul insults are normal and easy to run his mouth with. 

This shameless and low-life individual should certainly be expelled from any and all of the "missionary" organizations that he might be part of!

At any rate, the reason why we decided to expose his endless filthy mouth is to show the reader what type of a loser we are dealing with here, and that he is far from being a good apologist for his religion.  Sam Shamoun can certainly continue to bark foul insults all he wants.  We'll just gladly continue to collect them and post them in his section to further humiliate him.  I am sure that someday this shameless person will finally realize that the only person he is enraging and hurting is himself and no one else.  Of course, this will only happen after this already 40-year old 'kid' grows up.




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