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Answering the Pagan Religions:

Answering Hinduism and other Pagan religions:

Prophet Muhammad and Islam mentioned in the Hindu Scriptures.

What is the Wisdom of Islam? And how will Allah Almighty Judge both Muslims and non-Muslims?

Did GOD send a Messenger for each nation on earth before?

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the non-idol worshiping Hindu Scriptures.  This article shows the prophecies about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him liberating Mecca from the pagans.

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon in non-idol worshiping Hindu Scriptures.

http://truthisproven.blogspot.com/2007/02/muhammad-promised-last-prophet-in.html  Prophet Muhammad was foretold in the non-idol worshiping Hindu Scriptures.  This is brother Adeel Khan's - one of this site's authors - blog-site.


Answering many of the Pagan Religions, Zionist, Darwinism and other Religions and Cults:




Answering Hinduism!(1)  

Answering Hinduism!(2) 

Answering Hinduism!(3) 

Answering Hinduism!(4) 

Answering Hinduism!(5) 

Answering Hinduism!(6)



The Dark Side of Hinduism.

Answering HindiUnity website.

Muslim Sites exposing Hinduism: [1] [2]



Answering Buddhism!


The Jewish Zionism:


Confronting and Exposing Zionism.

Zionism Unveiled!(1)

Zionism Unveiled!(2) 

Zionism Unveiled!(3)  

Zionism Unveiled!(4) 

Zionism Unveiled!(5) 

Zionism Unveiled!(6) 

Zionism Unveiled!(7) 

Zionism Unveiled!(8) 

Zionism Unveiled!(9) 

Zionism Unveiled!(10)



Answering Darwinism!(1)

Answering Darwinism!(2)

Answering Darwinism!(3)

Answering Darwinism!(4)





Answering Atheism!(1)

Answering Atheism!(2)  

Answering Atheism!(3) 

Answering Atheism!(4) 

Answering Atheism!(5) 

Answering Atheism!(6) 

Answering Atheism!(7) 

Answering Atheism!(8) 

Answering Atheism!(9) 

Answering Atheism!(10)



Answering Agnostics!



Answering Satanism!(1) 

Answering Satanism!(2)

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