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Exposing the Hindu terrorists:

The following is an email that I received from the ISF India Organization; may Allah Almighty always be pleased with them. 


The whole world knows the plight of Indian muslims, specially the things which ahs happened in last Three months in Gujarat., thousands of Muslims are brutally killed by Hindu terrorists like VHP, Bajrang Dal & RSS. More then 50,000 muslims are killed, thousands of girls, womens are raped, even pragnent womens were not spared their womb's were cut down with trishuls & swords & their unborn child were thrown in flames.

Muslims were butchered & thrown into well there are still many wells full of Muslim deadbodies. Thousands of Hindu Extrinutss attacked on muslim localities. Even state & central govt. supported the attackers. Police, administrations 7 even military watched the biutal massacare as silent spectators. In many villages & remote places thousands of homes were bulldozed. Muslims are homelss, shelterless with no economic moral or physical support at present lakhs of muslims are living in relief camps in inhuman condtions. There is no-no scope for survival of India! (Sp. Gujarati muslims). We believe in Allah & only because of our faith we have survived.





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