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Jews caught doing evil and smuggling explosives and terror into the US:

Two Jews caught smuggling explosives into the US.  From foxnews.com

FBI: Anthrax suspect is an American Jewish Scientist.

Israel betrayed the US by selling US technology to Communist China.

CNN.com - Israel's 1967 attack on U.S. ship deliberate, book says - April 23, 2001


Jewish evil outside the US:

Israel planted 130,000 mines against the Lebanese people which had resulted in the wounds and deaths of literally thousands.

Graveside party celebrates Hebron massacre "Response to Jewish Hypocrisy."

Israeli Holocaust against Arabs.

The war crimes in the Jenin Camp.

Why is the US supporting with billions of dollars Israel, a country led by an accused war-criminal Ariel Sharon?

http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/   This is a great web site that exposes with physical evidence all of the evil that was done by the Israelis in the US and throughout the World.

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