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The following was sent to me by a Muslim brother who requested to remain anonymous, may Allah Almighty always be pleased with him.


The Apocalypse of Peter:

Literary analysis suggests that those manuscripts suggest the authorship in the third century CE.

The Apocalypse of Peter

Translated by James Brashler and Roger A. Dullard

And he (Jesus said to Peter) said to me again, "Lift up your hands and listen to what the priests and the people are saying"

And I listened to the priests as they sat with the scribes. The multitudes were shouting with their voice.

When he heard these things from me he said to me "prick up your ears and listen to the things they are

saying." And I listened again, "As you sit, they are praising you". And when I said these things, the Savior said "I have told you that these people are blind and deaf. Now then, listen to the things which they are telling you in a mystery, and guard them, Do not tell them to the sons of this age. For they shall blaspheme you in these ages since they are ignorant of you, but they will praise you in knowledge"

"For many will accept our teaching in the beginning. And they will turn from them again by the will of the Father of their error, because they have done what he wanted. And he will reveal them in his judgment, i.e the servants of the Word. But those who became mingled with these shall become their prisoners, since they are without perception. And they praise the men of propagation of falsehood, those who will come after you. And they will cleave to the name of a dead man, thinking that they will become pure. But they will become greatly defiled and they will fall into a name of error, and into the hand of an evil, cunning man and a manifold dogma, and they will be ruled without law."

"For some of them will blaspheme the truth and proclaim evil teaching. And they will say evil things against each other. Some will be named: those who stand in the strength of the archons, of a man and a naked woman who is manifold and subject to much suffering. And those who say these things will ask about dreams. And if they say that a dream came from a demon worthy of their error, then they shall be given perdition instead of incorruption."…… When he said those things, I saw him seemingly being seized by them. And I said "What do I see, O Lord, that it is you yourself whom they take, and that you are grasping me? Or who is this one, glad and laughing on the tree? And is it another one whose feet and hands they are striking?"

The Savior said to me, "He whom you saw on the tree, glad and laughing, this is the living Jesus. But this one into whose hands and feet they drive the nails is his fleshly part, which is the substitute being put to shame, the one who came into being in his likeness. But look at him and me."

But I, when I had looked, said "Lord, no one is looking at you. Let us flee this place."

But he said to me, "I have told you, "Leave the blind alone!". And you see how they do not know what they are saying. For the son of their glory instead of my servant, they have put to shame."

And I saw someone about to approach us resembling him, even him who was laughing on the tree. And he was filled with a Holy Spirit, and he is the Savior. And there was a great, ineffable light around them, and the multitude of ineffable and invisible angels blessing them. And when I looked at him, the one who gives praise was revealed.

And he said to me, "Be strong, for you are the one to whom these mysteries have been given, to know them through revelation, that he whom they crucified is the first-born, and the home of demons, and the stony vessel, in which they dwell, of Elohim, of the cross, which is under the Law. But he who stands near him is the living Savior, the first in him, whom they seized and released, who stands joyfully looking those who did him violence, while they are divided among themselves. Therefore he laughs at their lack of perception, knowing that they are born blind. So then the one susceptible to suffering shall come, since the body is the substitute. But what they released was my incorporeal body. But I am the intellectual Spirit filled with radiant light. ….

Again, we are confronted with another source which claims that Jesus did not die on the cross and that it was illusionary.




The Romans had to fake his crucifixion due to Passover issues:

Click to play video [1].  Matthew 12:40: "shall be buried deep in the heart of
 earth for 3 days and nights as Jonah was deep in the belly of the whale."

This Prophecy is a lie! Jesus laid on the floor, got healed, and got up and
left.  He was
never inside any coffin nor ever got buried.  Also, because 100s
of thousands of pilgrims were coming to Jerusalem for the Passover, the
Romans had to rush his "crucifixion" and bring him down.  The soldiers were
even denied food due to lack of time.
Jesus never got crucified: [1] [2] [3] [4].  The OT and NT clearly spell it out.  He was saved.





The lie of crucifixion according to several Disciples' writings.

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