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What does the Glorious Quran say about purgatory?

Here is what purgatory means:

"...a place or state of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven."


In Islam, we have those who will enter Hell (disbelievers) and those who will pass by it (believers).  Believers will end up in Heaven.  Believers will not enter Hell.  They will only pass by it, and it will be a painful punishment depending on what sins you are being punished for, and what sins Allah Almighty has not forgiven you on.  Everyone will see every good and evil they've done in the greatest details:

[019:071]  There isnít any of you who can avoid passing by the hellfire. Your Lord has made this incumbent upon Himself!

[029:054]  They ask thee to hasten on the punishment; but Hell will, certainly, encompass the disbelievers;

[002:081]  Verily who so doth evil, and is encompassed by his iniquity, they shall be the companions of hell fire, they shall remain therein for ever:

[099:007]  Then shall anyone who has done an atom's weight of good, see it!
[099:008]  And anyone who has done an atom's weight of evil, shall see it.

There are also Muslim hypocrites who profess to be Muslims who will end up in the most painful and lowest depths of Hell.  For ample proofs, please visit:  Hell according to Islam.

Christianity is a lie from the pits of Hell.  It falsely teaches that purgatory is a false teaching of satan.  Yet, Jesus in the NT said: "If you are Merciful I have not come for you".  The lie about we are forgiven through "The blood of Christ" is a fabricated lie by the church.  Christianity's New Testament did not even exist in the first 100 to 200 years.





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The early believers were also expecting an Arabian Prophet.  The OT thoroughly talks about him and his new Covenant coming from Kedar in Arabia, and the NT talks about him coming after the Messiah:

Why wasn't Prophet Muhammad preached by the early Christians in Jerusalem, Arabia, Africa and Europe?  Early cities like Antioch, Corinth, Rome and others were never taught the coming of Prophet Muhammad.  Doesn't this prove that Islam is falseBut he was preached!


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