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Article contains bibles' gospel of porn language that is offensive to some.





Jesus permitted for church members to have sex with each other:

Disclaimer:  The Bibles are all corrupt.  The Glorious Quran also declares them all to be corrupt.  The Glorious Quran also confirms the Messiah, Eesa (not Jesus) and his virgin mother, Marium (not Mary), peace be upon both of them.


Every believer is Jesus' virgin bride (2 Corinthians 11:2).  Every church father has the Father's authority and rights:

1-  Every church father can forgive sins and order the confessing sinner to do Hail Marys.  He is in the place of the Father.

Catholics tell Protestants that their religion is false because it was
originated in year 1507 by Martin Luther while the Catholic church
was original and is a continuation to what Jesus' apostles/disciples
built and preached. Protestants respond by demonstrating the great
deal of corruption and alteration done, and how the scriptures of
the Bibles' (plural) New Testaments were written 200+ years
after Jesus, and how the traditions are marred with corruption.
Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more") answer both polytheist trinitarian pagans by inviting them
to Islam, because Islam came to restore the original Faith of GOD
Almighty, and Islam is GOD Almighty's Divine Truth. See also the
Glorious Quran's STUNNING Numerical and Scientific Miracles that
testify to the Holy Book's Divinity.
1-minute clip pretty much sums up their idol worships and
corruption accurately.
  See also What Quran says about Bibles.


2-  The church Fathers are humans and do get weak.
3-  Jesus coveted the sins of the world and got "weak" and had
"evil desires" and cravings in him via satan's temptation for 40 days and nights.
4-  Every believer is Jesus'
"virgin bride" (2 Corinthians 11:2).

5-  Church fathers get horny.
6-  Church fathers are Jesus and the Father on earth.
7-  It is not befitting for the celibate, sodomized and horny church fathers to masturbate.

8-  Every believer is a virgin bride to every church father, since all of you are Jesus' virgin brides.
9-  It is right for church Fathers to get holy virgin vaginas, even from men, to quench their
festering thirst and hunger for sex that is glued to them them due to their horny celibacy and celibate lifestyle that the sodomized ones live.


10- It is ok for church Fathers to judge that they must have sex with other church members' vaginas (mens' anus-vaginas included), and to even rape and molest children, since no man has any authority to judge their holiness:

"The spiritual man makes judgments about all things, but he himself is not subject to any man's judgment.  (1 Corinthians 2:15)"

10- Jesus himself masturbated and kissed Mary Magdalene in the mouth according to the canonized gospels, Gospel of Philip and other writings.


Giant Baby from Jesus:

Jesus too was a miraculous son of GOD, and he too would've bore a giant baby if he impregnated Mary Magdalene:

Genesis 6:1-3
1 When human beings began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them,
2 the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose.
3 Then the Lord said, “My Spirit will not contend with [a] humans forever, for they are mortal [b]; their days will be a hundred and twenty years.”

Genesis 6:3 Or My spirit will not remain in
Genesis 6:3 Or corrupt

"So in this view, angels come down, they have sexual relations with women and then the children of those are giants (babies)...." (Source)

Notice how these were not normal sons of GOD.  They were Miraculous and carried the Spirit of GOD in them.  Jesus too carried the Spirit of GOD in him, and he carried the Spirit of fearing GOD in him.  Jesus was also called slave of GOD in the OT many times.  He also had no Divine Will Trinity is a lie from Hell.


11- Jesus clearly and undoubtedly permitted for every church member who is living a festering life to relieve themselves.  After all, Jesus himself coveted the sins of the world, and had evil desires and craves for them.

  • See also Oxymoron Trinity (100+ verses).  Bibles: Jesus will slaughter 100s of millions when he returns.

    The disciples arguing about the Sabbath and other Laws.  Jesus promised them that the Holy Spirit will take over their mouths and that there will be no arguments, confusions or riddles.  Yet, the NT is marred with open arguments, vilifications (calling each other cursed by GOD "anathema", satanic, false, wrong).  Where is Jesus' promise??  Totally a false promise!

    Where is Jesus' promise??

    -  He promised that the Holy Spirit will take over their mouths, guide them in all ways, and that it will be the Holy Spirit speaking, not them.
    -  They ended up splitting into
    Paul vs. Peter two opposing groups, and were at odds with each other on several theological issues.
    -  Their differences remain unsettled till this day in the NT.  They were never resolved.

    -  They were barking at each other like rabid dogs calling each other cursed, false, liar, satanic! [1]  Their books didn't even exist for the first 200 to 300 years, says most Bibles theologians.  They are very highly corrupted.  Also, Trinity is a lie from Hell.  Why was GOD Almighty charitable (χάριτι) and forgiving to Jesus in Luke 2:52?


    Where was the promised Holy Spirit in their conflicting scriptures?



    Matthew 7:22-23: GOD sent Jesus to be Christianity's lying spirit



    Dismal Spiritual Failures:

    Let us examine the following:

    Romans 3:23 ESV
    For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

    Ecclesiastes 7:20 ESV
    Surely there is not a righteous man on earth who does good and never sins.

    No man is sinless and faultless.  The NT even says Jesus himself sinned via coveting the sins of the world.  Paul then barfs the following gem:


    1 Corinthians 2:15
    "The spiritual man makes judgments about all things, but he himself
    is not subject to any man's judgment."



    How can any flesh and blood sinner not be subjected to judgment?  The world has seen how disastrous your pedophilic and corrupt priests, ministers and churches are, from sex abuse on children, theft, prostitution and so much more.  Ironically also, Paul and the disciples themselves dismally failed this standard when they turned into rabid dogs in harsh judgments on each other; calling each other cursed, false, liar, satanic! [1]  Their books didn't even exist for the first 200 to 300 years, says most Bibles theologians.  They are very highly corrupted.  Also, Trinity is a lie from Hell.  Why was GOD Almighty charitable (χάριτι) and forgiving to Jesus in Luke 2:52?  There is also conflict regarding misogyny:

    Paul proves the book of Revelation is a forgery; a book of misogyny.

    Which book were the people of the Book reciting (فسأل الذين يقرؤون الكتاب) during Prophet Muhammad's days according to the Glorious Quran 10:94?


    Insufficient Jesus:

    Edward Dalcour says that Jesus would be insufficient if Paul was proven to be false:

    Does Noble Verse 9:31 say that Allah and Jesus are two equal Lords?  Also, thorough refutation to  توحيد الربوبية  (tawheed alruboobiyyah, or Oneness of Lordship between Jesus and Allah) concept by the polytheist trinitarian pagans.


    ***** Bibles' OT and NT:  Spirits that GOD Almighty sends down including lying ones in the Bibles.  Jesus in several passages was Commanded by GOD to become one to forge falseianity (christianity) because of the ample blasphemies of the Jews.

    Why was GOD Almighty charitable (χάριτι) and forgiving to Jesus in Luke 2:52?


    Eid Al-Adha: Ishmael or Isaac?  GOD's peace be upon them both.  Who was the son to be sacrificed?  Bibles and Quran agree it was Ishmael.


    Satan & Peter VS. Paul: 2 Corinthians 12:7-11.  Paul literally put Peter and Satan in one team.


    Sam Shamoun also exposes the ample  holy group sex that occurs in his circle:



    Paul ordered the execution (actual killing) of some sinners.

    Paul ate his vomit.

    Paul proves the book of Revelation is a forgery; a book of misogyny.

     (Sam Shamoun declares gambling is allowed in Christianity)

    Jesus amputated his unholy testicles to remain holy.  If his body was holy, were his testicles cursed and unholy, especially that he commanded to maim your sinful body parts?  They were not part of the Creator of the Universe's body??  Really???  Paul said maimed flesh gets sent to satan.


    Why did Jesus amputate his own (NT calls them satanic flesh) testicles?





    . Trinity is a lie from Hell.
  • Paul declared that every believer, male or female, married or single, is Jesus' "virgin bride" (2 Corinthians 11:2).
    Jesus' Coveting, Celibacy and Masturbation for 40 days and 40 nights.
    Paul's sinless pedophiles.
    Jesus permitted for church members to have sex with each other.
     Paul proves the book of Revelation is a forgery; a book of misogyny.

    How many members are there in the Trinity?  There are 39+ Holy Figures.

    Glorified incestuous-like boyfriend-girlfriend fornications:

    Song of Songs 8:1-3
    1. Oh, I wish you were my brother, who nursed at my mother’s breasts. Then I could kiss you no matter who was watching, and no one would criticize me.
    2 I would bring you to my childhood home, and there you would teach me. I would give you spiced wine to drink, my sweet pomegranate wine.
    3 Your left arm would be under my head, and your right arm would embrace me.

  • "my sweet pomegranate wine" is her vagina's wet and cum along with her virginity's blood (audio clip).  He did say that her vagina and breasts taste like "wine" (Song of Songs 7:1-4, 8-9).
  • Song of Solomon 3:4
    Then scarcely had I left them when I found my love! I caught and held him tightly, then I brought him to
    my mother’s house, into my mother’s bed, where I had been conceived.

    Song of Solomon 7:10-12
    10 I am my lover’s, and he claims me as his own.
    11 Come, my love, let us go out to the fields and spend the night among the wildflowers.
    12 Let us get up early and go to the vineyards to see if the grapevines have budded, if the blossoms have opened, and if the pomegranates have bloomed. There I will give you my love.


    Little sister & mom's bed:

    Song of Songs 8:8-9
    We have a little sister, and her breasts are not yet grown. What shall we do for our sister on the day she is spoken for?

    Song of Songs 8:8
    Our sister is little, and hath no breasts. What shall we do to our sister in the day when she is to be spoken to?

    What shall you (plural) do with your little sister and her little breasts?  Let me guess:

    Deflower her in your mentioned mother's bed?

    His sister's vagina tasted like 
    : [1]
     AUDIO clip(Song of Songs 7:1-4, 8-9).  The Bible praises, and even promotes, incestuous-like boyfriend-girlfriend fornications: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9].  Notice "no one would criticize me" (Song of Songs 8:1), above.  A husband and wife, or even a brother and sister, would not be criticized if people saw them walking to their home.  Clearly, this is not a husband and wife relationship.  And this is the pile of dung that Jews and Christians uphold as the Holy Word of GOD Almighty??


    Masturbating on his sister:

    Now let me ask the horny creep in Song of Songs 8:8-9How many times have you already masturbated on your sister in your thoughts?  And did you also fantasize about your mother and her bed? 

    Again, this is the pile of dung that Jews and Christians uphold as the Holy Word of GOD Almighty??


  • Matthew 7:22-23GOD sent Jesus to be Christianity's lying spirit.

    Fabricating books:

    Allah Almighty Said in the Noble Quran:

    "Then woe to those who write the Book with their own hands, and then say: "This is from God," to traffic with it for miserable price!- Woe to them for what their hands do write, and for the gain they make thereby.  (The Noble Quran, 2:79)"



    Bride is not wife:

    In the Middle East, there is no "boyfriend" and "girlfriend".  If two are spoken of, or if two fall in love and want to get married, then the guy would call her his bride.  This is close enough to a fiancée.  So in this gospel of porn, when he calls her his "bride", he's not calling her his wife as the barking sodomized-by-their-priests proclaim.  It's a relationship between a boyfriend and a girlfriend.  "Bride" is a Semitic language metaphor.  In this gospel of porn, it is referring to his girlfriend.  In the chaste world of Islam, a wife is one who had sexual intercourse with her husband.  She now changed from being a bride to a wife.  A bride has not yet had sex with her groom.  They have not yet married.

    Song of Songs 4:8-12
    8 Come with me from Lebanon, my bride, come with me from Lebanon. Descend from the crest of Amana, from the top of Senir, the summit of Hermon, from the lions' dens and the mountain haunts of the leopards.
    9 You have stolen my heart, my sister, my bride; you have stolen my heart with one glance of your eyes, with one jewel of your necklace.
    10 How delightful is your love, my sister, my bride! How much more pleasing is your love than wine, and the fragrance of your perfume than any spice!
    11 Your lips drop sweetness as the honeycomb, my bride; milk and honey are under your tongue. The fragrance of your garments is like that of Lebanon.
    12 You are a garden locked up, my sister, my bride; you are a spring enclosed, a sealed fountain.

    Visit the following X-Rated pornography in the Bible article to see ample verses that thoroughly demonstrate that they were incestuous-like boyfriend-girlfriend fornicators:

  • Jesus problematic hyperboles.  Sinful became lawful, and lawful became sinful.
  • Jesus coveted the sins of the world for 40 days and nights.
  • Anal sex is forbidden in Islam.
  • X-Rated Pornography in the Bible section.
  • Incestuous fantasies are allowed and praised in the gospel of porn (bible).
  • The Bible praises incestuous-like boyfriend-girlfriend fornications.
  • Bride is Wife?  She's a girlfriend or fiancée in the Middle East's context.
  • Isaiah's prophecy about the Jews will worship the pornographic goddess Asherah during the end of times.
  • X-Rated Pornography in the Bible.

  • Christian holy women (i.e., pornography).  Countless sacred pictures with holy crosses.
  • Miss California's Nude Pictures: Being "Biblically Correct".
  • Women in the Bible and Islam.
  • His 5.5 inches penis vs. his former wife lover's 7 inches according to him.  (video).
    Sam Shamoun's obsession with penis sizes on his wife and himself.(Video)

    Watch the video here.
    Sam Shamoun exposes the
    sex scandals of many inside his inner circle.  It seems that so many inner holy men wanted to get inner with his wife according to him, and so many were cheating on their marriages, from men and women, according to his testimony.  Watch the video here.  Hassamo fartoon whose real name is Hassamo Shamoun (aka Sam Shamoun) is also obsessed with penis sizes, even on his wife and himself.  How many women did Sam Shamoun fornicate with?  We never heard this fraud answer this one.
      Jesus permitted for church members to have sex with each other.
     Paul proves the book of Revelation is a forgery; a book of misogyny.


    Is the Bible a womanizer for allowing polygamy in NT and OT? [1]

    Some amazing Bible thumping quacks declare Islam a womanizing religion for allowing polygamy for up to four wives, while polygamy has no limits in the OT and NT:


    Jesus allowed polygamy:

    Matthew 19
    9. I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness, and marries another woman
    a similar commits adultery.

    Notice "another woman" got crossed. This is because the word "woman" is not there in the Greek, and the word for "another" also means similar. If we look at the Greek in https://biblehub.com/lexicon/matthew/19-9.htm, we'll find this:


    ἄλλην (allēn) 243: other, another

    If you click on 243, you'll see its definition: "another of the same kind; another of similar type."

    (Click on image to enlarge)

    It is quite ludicrous that the one and only verse that prohibits polygamy is not even talking about polygamy.  Jesus warned against marrying already-married women irrespective of whether the man is single or married.  This is further proven in:


    Matthew 5:31-32
    31 "It has been said, 'Anyone who divorces his wife must give her a certificate of divorce.'
    32 But I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness,
    causes her to become an adulteress, and anyone who marries the divorced woman commits adultery.

    A man can marry multiple women, while the woman can only marry one man.  Here Jesus warns that unlawful divorces will cause women, who would still be remaining married while thinking they've been divorced, to commit adultery.  They would still be married to their former husbands.

    Keep in mind also that the men that Jesus was speaking to had many polygamists amongst them.  So if Jesus was to prohibit polygamy, he would've said that if any married man after today marries another woman then he commits adultery.  But no, he didn't even talk about polygamy at all.


    Polygamy was Commanded by GOD:

    In the OT, polygamy is not only allowed, but it was also commanded by GOD in some cases [1].


    Paul and Jesus allowed polygamy:

    Paul also allowed polygamy to the masses, and Jesus in other verses also allowed it to the masses.  This is further discussed at: www.answering-christianity.com/ntpoly.htm.  This article thoroughly proves that polygamy is indeed allowed in the New Testament, and that Christianity is built on false inspirations and "conjecture", exactly as Allah Almighty said in the Glorious Quran [1] about the religion of conjecture [1], Christianity.  Again, it is quite ludicrous that the one and only verse that prohibits polygamy is not even talking about polygamy.  This false religion of conjecture makes sinful things lawful and lawful things sinful [2] [3].  And that in itself is a blasphemy against GOD Almighty.


    Islam is the Divine Truth:

    Islam is GOD Almighty's Divine Truth.  To be 100% sure about this, visit:

  • The Glorious Quran's STUNNING Numerical and Scientific Miracles.
  • What is Islam?
  • Marriage in Islam.  Early-Islam's Muta marriage [1] is also covered here.
  • From www.answering-christianity.com/quran_moral_code.htm:

    245 Womanizing and womanizers are condemned in the Glorious Quran.  Allah Almighty said:

    "It is not lawful for you (to marry other) women after this, nor to change them for other wives even though their beauty attracts you, except those (captives or slaves) whom your right hand possesses. And Allah is Ever a Watcher over all things.  (The Noble Quran, 33:52)"

    Throughout the entries above, we've seen how Allah Almighty commanded the Muslim men and women to:

    1-  Be always chaste.
    2-  To lower their gazes.
    3-  To never be sexually enticing or tempting.
    4-  To never even put disbelievers into any trial or temptation.
    5-  To always be upright and a great moral example to all of mankind.
    6-  To always do what is right and condemn what is wrong.

    Islam does not condone womanizers.  Neither the Prophet was a womanizer, nor does Islam condone womanizing.  Islam honors marriage and considers its covenant to be a "Solemn Covenant". (ميثاقا غليظا).  This ميثاقا غليظا  was mentioned three times throughout the Glorious Quran:

    1-  The ميثاقا غليظا that Allah Almighty took between Him and His Prophets.

    2-  The ميثاقا غليظا that Allah Almighty took with the Jews on the holiness of the Sabbath.

    3-  The ميثاقا غليظا between the husband and the wife in Islam.

    See Noble Verses 4:21, 4:154, 33:7.

    33:52, 4:21, 4:154, 33:7





    Quran's STUNNING Divine Miracles: [1] 

    Here are some of my favorite Stunning Numerical and Scientific Miracles in the Glorious Quran that are listed in the main sections, below:

    1-  The root for message and all of its derivatives, such as messenger and others occurs 513 times throughout the Glorious Quran.  The Prophets' and Messengers', peace be upon them, actual names (Muhammad, Moses, Noah, Abraham, Lot etc....) were also all combined mentioned 513 times in the Glorious Quran.  The detailed breakdown of all of this is thoroughly listed here.

    Coincidence?  See 1,000s of examples! [1]. (zip file).

    Quran's Stunning Numerical & Scientific Miracles.


    2-  The Great Miracle.  Allah Almighty in the Holy Quran called the Number 19 Miracle "One of the Mighty Ones (Miracles)" (74:30-37) [1] [2].  See the 100s of Noble Verses that clearly testify to this Great Miracle.  Also, did you know that Allah Almighty Said in Surat Nuh (that's Noble Chapter Nuh (Noah)) that Prophet Noah lived for 950 years among his people. 

    Yet, all Praise and Glory are due to Allah Almighty Alone, the entire Noble Surah is exactly written in 950 Letters [1] [2]!  You can thoroughly see this in the scanned images that thoroughly verify every single Noble Letter, in the links.  Click on the links to see the many other Numerical Miracles in the Holy Quran.  Also, see the Numerical Miracles section along with all of the other great sections.  Also, 1,000s of examples in zip & PDF (fonts) files all demonstrated in this article.

    3-  19 X 115 = 2185 Number 19 and BASMALA Miracle.  The total numerical value of Noble Verses 74:30-37 themselves, which are the heart of the Number 19 Miracle, has a stunning Miracle in it.  The value of these Noble Verses matches the multiplication of the BASMALA's number of letters (19 Letters) and their total numerical values (115): 19 X 115 = 2185.  The Basmala, which full text in Arabic means "In the Name of Allah The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful" is the Key to the Glorious Quran.  It is recited first before reading the Holy Quran, and it is also obligatory upon every Muslim to start with the Basmala before starting any task.  Again, 1,000s of examples in zip & PDF (fonts) files all demonstrated in this article.

    4-  The Glorious Quran has 114 Chapters. The sum of those Chapters is 6555 (1+2+...+114 = 6555). There are also 6236 Noble Verses in the Glorious Quran. Now, if you add each Chapter's number with the number of its Verses, then you get a list of numbers. So 1 (first Chapter) + 7 (# of its Verses) = 8.  Do this for all Chapters.

    1-  The sum of the odd numbers from the list = 6555.
    2-  The sum of the even numbers from the list = 6236.

    See the XLS file for 100% confirmation.  Also, see the ample STUNNING Numerical Miracles in the Glorious Quran, with 1,000s of examples! [1] (zip file).


    5-  Please also checkout the many hundreds (1,000s) of Great Numerical Miracles, and the many tens (10s) of other Great Scientific Miracles:


    Quran's STUNNING-Miracles Section: [1]

    Click on the following numbers:

    1-    Geology, Earth's spherical expansion, formation, Mountains and Oceanology.
    2-    The Universe, Time, Astronomy, UFOs and Space Shuttles.
    3-    Embryology, Human Anatomy, Formation, and Creation.

    4-    STUNNING Numerical Miracles in the Glorious Quran.  With 1,000s of examples! [4].  See also the ample Textual Miracles [2] in the Glorious Quran, where Noble Words are spelled in certain ways depending on their certain historical and geographical context and timing in the Noble Verse.

    5-    Medicine, Humans, Insects and Animals.
    6-    Life, Origins of life from water and dust in the Noble Quran, Plants and their origins.
    7-    Psychology.
    8-    Archeology and History.
    9-    Great Web Sites and Online Books.

    10-   Rebuttals.
    11-   General articles.

    12-   STUNNING Prophecies, and Allah's Divine Promises to reveal the Quran's Miracles.
    13-   Audios and Videos.
    14-   Other.

    For example:

    1-  The explosion of the Universe, Galaxies and Stars bring about Smoke.
    "When the sky disintegrates, and turns rose colored like paint (
    وردة كالدهان)." (The Noble Quran, 55:37) [2] [3]

    As we also see from the picture, Noble Verse 55:37
    is a Divine Promise (Allah promised to show mankind) that mankind will
    actually see this
    come to pass one day.  NASA and other space
    agencies, by Allah Almighty's Will, have certainly fulfilled this
    Prophecy, because a natural rose wouldn't form when a
    "Heaven" or a Solar System or even an entire galaxy and its
    trillions of solar systems all blow up (explode).  It is rather the
    look of it, and this is exactly what NASA confirms.



    The Glorious Quran declares that the earth is spherical: [1]
    Allah Almighty in the Glorious Quran said that earth is:

           -  Spherical: "egg-shaped" [1].
           -  Is rotating around itself.
           -  Is moving in space in curvy orbits [2].
           -  Is in constant motion.
           -  Is suspended in space.
           -  Is swimming in space.
           -  Is traveling through the constantly expanding universe [3].
           -  The sunsetless North Pole miracle in the Glorious Quran [4]. 

  • At the top of the North Pole, the sun never sets, and I showed the video for that, and also quoted the scientific sources for that. Also in the lands near by, it almost never sets either, and I quoted sources for that as well, and also showed pictures of the "polar night" skies on these lands.
  • He saw the Aurora Lights covering:

    Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, saw the aurora lights covering the horizons of space above the earth when he was taken up to Heaven:

    Narrated Abdullah: "Regarding the Verse: “Indeed he (Muhammad) did see. Of the Signs of his Lord, The Greatest!” (Quran 53.18) That the Prophet had seen a green carpet spread all over the horizon of the sky قَالَ رَأَى رَفْرَفًا أَخْضَرَ سَدَّ أُفُقَ السَّمَاء." (Translation of Sahih Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 54, Number 456)

    Visit also:
    Islamic proof that the sun prostrates to Allah Almighty when it is above Mecca.


    Regarding Dhil-Qarnayn (literally means "man of two horns"), Allah Almighty said this about his journey to the farthest northern lands and people:

    ‏18:90 حتى اذا بلغ مطلع الشمس وجدها تطلع على قوم لم نجعل لهم من دونها ستر

    "Until he reached near حتى اذا بلغ where the sun is up مطلع الشمس, he found it above وجدها تطلع على people قوم whom We made no cover for them from it لم نجعل لهم من دونها ستر (The Noble Quran, 18:90)"

    Noble Verse(s) 18:91


    [018:091]  Thus it was. And we had full knowledge of the forces that were with him.

    Arabic (Read from right to left.  Also, all png image files: [1] [2]):

    18:91 كذلك وقد احطنا بما لديه خبرا


    Prophet Muhammad "did see" (Quran 53.18) the Aurora Lights covering the horizons above the earth from space.  Dhil-Qarnayn went up to the farthest northern lands where the sun is up, and "Thus it was", Allah Almighty completed the "full knowledge" regarding Dhil-Qarnayn's mission.  This further supports the story below about Dhil-Qarnayn's journey to the farthest northern lands and people (The sunsetless North Pole Quran-miracle).  They also spoke unintelligibly, the Quran says.  They hardly spoke intelligibly (18:93) For example, can you read or say this: "Vaðlaheiðarvegavinnuverkfærageymsluskúrslyklakippuhringurinn" ??  This is an actual word.  Historians have proven that the Barbarians of the North used to speak unintelligibly.  The description of the people of the North, whose North Pole is truly sunsetless (see ample pictures), perfectly fits the Barbarians of the Vikings in the Scandinavian and other Barbarians in the near by lands:

    Dhil-Qarnayn literally means "man of two horns"

    Dhil = One who has.
    قرنين Qarnayn = two horns
    Qarnayn is a dual plural of Qarn (horn).
    Three or more horns is Quroon, in Arabic.


    I believe Noble Verses 53:18 and 18:91 are prophetically linked together; that Prophet Muhammad also saw what Dhil-Qarnayn ذي القرنين  saw.  Also visit: 

    Aurora Lights Hadith


  • Other pronunciations to "Dhil Qarnayn"ذي القرنين  name:  Zul-qarnain, Dhul Qurnain, Dhu'l Qarnain, Zulqarnain, Dhu'l-Qarneyn, Dhu'lkarnein, Dhul-Qarnain, Dhu'l Qarnain, Dhool Karnain, Zul-Qarnain, Dhoulkarnain.

           -  The Glorious Quran also speaks about many earths [5] and not just earth.
           -  The Glorious Quran predicts
    11 planets in our solar system [6].


    In the end, Allah Almighty uses the Glorious Quran to "...Thus doth God leave to stray whom He pleaseth, and guide whom He pleaseth..." (74:31).  The infidels misuse the Glorious Quran to find "scientific errors".  The Glorious Quran is Allah Almighty's Perfect Divine Holy Book.  It contains no scientific error.  Visit the following example and the link to see 1000s of Numerical and Scientific Miracles:

    1-  The root for message and all of its derivatives, such as messenger and others occurs 513 times throughout the Glorious Quran.  The Prophets' and Messengers', peace be upon them, actual names (Muhammad, Moses, Noah, Abraham, Lot etc....) were also all combined mentioned513 times in the Glorious Quran.  The detailed breakdown of all of this is thoroughly listed here.

    Coincidence?  See 1,000s of examples! [1]. (zip file).

    Quran's Stunning Numerical & Scientific Miracles.

    This is also all demonstrated in good details in the following
    video file and articles:

    www.answering-christianity.com/detailed_meanings_of_scientific_words_in_verses.htm.  I used seven encyclopedic dictionaries:

    This is a picture of the seven encyclopedic dictionaries that I
    used that thoroughly demonstrate the Noble Words that contain
    the Scientific Miracles in them, and how they were used by the
    Arabs of old before and after Islam.  Ample quotations, sayings,
    proverbs and examples quoted from these dictionaries at:


    6-  The Glorious Quran's Perfect Preservation despite all of the odds and the many challenges to corrupt It.

  • Hafs vs Warsh, and Ahruf vs Qiraat thoroughly compared here.
  • Also, the produce Surah like it Quran challenge to all.  Click here.

    7-  Prophet Muhammad, and Divine Islam, and the New Covenant from Arabia were thoroughly prophesied in previous scriptures.


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