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Why did Allah Almighty prevent the wives of Prophet Muhammad from marrying any man after him?

While this question seems to be a difficult one to answer if one only looks at Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, from an isolated angle, because it would then seem that the Prophet have made up this law to conveniently self-serve himself, but in reality, GOD Almighty had put a similar Law to this, thousands of years before Prophet Muhammad, in the Bible.

First let us look at what Allah Almighty Said in the Noble Quran:

"The Prophet is closer to the Believers than their own selves, and his wives are their mothers. Blood-relations among each other have closer personal ties, in the Decree of God. Than (the Brotherhood of) Believers and Muhajirs: nevertheless do ye what is just to your closest friends: such is the writing in the Decree (of God).  (The Noble Quran, 33:6)"

"Prohibited to you (For marriage) are:- Your mothers,.....(The Noble Quran, 4:23)"

Now let us look at the following verses from the Bible:

Leviticus 21:5-8
5 " 'Priests must not shave their heads or shave off the edges of their beards or cut their bodies.
6 They must be holy to their God and must not profane the name of their God. Because they present the offerings made to the LORD by fire, the food of their God, they are to be holy.
7 " 'They must not marry women defiled by prostitution or divorced from their husbands, because priests are holy to their God.
8 Regard them as holy, because they offer up the food of your God. Consider them holy, because I the LORD am holy—I who make you holy.

Leviticus 21:13-15
13 " 'The woman he marries must be a virgin.
14 He must not marry a widow, a divorced woman, or a woman defiled by prostitution, but only a virgin from his own people,
15 so he will not defile his offspring among his people. I am the LORD, who makes him holy.' "

Ezekiel 44:21-22
21 No priest is to drink wine when he enters the inner court.
22 They must not marry widows or divorced women; they may marry only virgins of Israelite descent or widows of priests.

Numbers 36:6
6 This is the thing which the Lord doth command concerning the daughters of Zelophehad, saying, Let them marry to whom they think best; only to the family of the tribe of their father shall they marry.

In Numbers 36:6, we even see a change in marriage standards from GOD Almighty by limiting the marriage to only the tribe for only the daughters of Zelophehad.

Prophet Muhammad's Wives, peace, mercy and blessings be upon all of them, are like those Priests.  They are different and higher than everyone else.  As we clearly see, the Bible too contains special laws and special treatment for specific people who are considered higher and different than everyone else from the ordinary public.  Even Muslims as a whole are considered special and are raised above everyone else in the Noble Quran:

"Do not marry unbelieving women (idolaters), until they believe: A slave woman who believes is better than an unbelieving woman, even though she allures you. Nor marry (your girls) to unbelievers until they believe: A man slave who believes is better than an unbeliever, even though he allures you. Unbelievers do (but) beckon you to the Fire. But God beckons by His Grace to the Garden (of bliss) and forgiveness, and makes His Signs clear to mankind: That they may celebrate His praise.  (The Noble Quran, 2:221)"

The anti-Islamics viciously use these types of controversial topics to attack Islam and to try to prove that somehow Prophet Muhammad, peace, mercy and blessings be upon him, was not truthful and that he employed the Noble Quran to his personal service.  The next time you run into one, especially in an audio chat/debate Islam-bashing rooms, expose their ignorance by using the above Verses.


Just to please Prophet Muhammad:

Keep in mind that Allah Almighty loved the Prophet so much that He Promised him to make the Romans be victorious in the next battle with the Persians just to please him and the believers, and it happened.

From www.answering-christianity.com/trinity_crucified.htm:

8 They thought Jesus was claiming to be GOD:

They thought Jesus was thinking he was GOD.  Here is how Jesus answered them:

Matthew 9:3-8 (CEV)
3 Some teachers of the Law of Moses said to themselves, “Jesus must think he is God!”
4 But Jesus knew what was in their minds, and he said, “
Why are you thinking such evil things?
5 Is it easier for me to tell this crippled man that his sins are forgiven or to tell him to get up and walk?
6 But I will show you that the Son of Man has the right to forgive sins here on earth.” So Jesus said to the man, “Get up! Pick up your mat and go on home.”
7 The man got up and went home.
8 When the crowds saw this, they were afraid and praised God for giving such authority to people.

The context here is that Jesus was forgiving sins by Allah Almighty's Permission.  Jewish priests in the Old Testament and John the Baptist were also allowed to forgive sins: Leviticus 4:31, Mark 1:4, Luke 7:30 (those who rejected the baptism rejected the counsel of GOD).  So the blaspheming part was they thought that he was claiming that he was GOD Almighty.  Jesus responded to this.  So trinity remains a lie and Jesus himself directly refuted it.

Jesus had no power over his Miracles.  They were all given to him by GOD Almighty on limited occasions.  Jesus thanked GOD Almighty for every Miracle.  He gave thanks for every Miracle: John 11:38-42, Matthew 15:35-37, Luke 22:14-20, Matthew 11:25, Luke 10:21.  He sought permission from Allah Almighty before performing them.  Otherwise, he was utterly powerless!  He had no Miracle except what GOD Almighty gave him.  And they were limited, not infinite.  Jesus also said:

John 5:31 Jesus told his followers that if he bears witness of himself, then his testimony would be false.  In other words, he would be a liar! [1]

While on the subject of lies and lying, the following links are important:

John the Baptist called Jesus a liar before he died! (Matthew 11:1-6).
The Glorious Quran's STUNNING Miracle on where lying is generated in the brain.


John 5:30
30 I cannot do anything on my own. The Father sent me, and he is the one who told me how to judge. I judge with fairness, because I obey him, and I don’t just try to please myself.

Also Jesus could not determine who gets to sit on his right and on his left in Heaven.  Only GOD alone decides this, Jesus said.

Satan Christ?  Of course Jesus is not the cursed satan!  But, Jesus called Peter satan for telling Jesus that GOD would not allow Jesus to get hurt, crucified or killed "suffer many things".  Yet, Jesus begged GOD to save him from crucifixion and all hurt.  And the Psalms all prophesied about Jesus will be saved from death and all hurt: Psalm 91Isaiah 53Psalms 116, 117, 118.  According to Islam, GOD Almighty honored Jesus' request and saved him.  The gospel of Matthew even says that Pontus Pilot was standing between two Jesus Barabba (son of his father), one who killed Roman soldiers and the other is our innocent Messiah.  Pilot opposed killed Jesus and Pilot's wife got sick and had a terrifying dream warning Pilot about the sin of killing Jesus.

The two double-Jesus men & Pontus Pilate in Matthew 27:16-17: [21html]

So according to Christians, GOD Almighty DENIED Jesus' cries.  But of course, according to Islam, GOD honored the cries of his beloved servant and creation, Isa (Jesus), and saved him.  The OT even prophesied about Jesus and Mary begging GOD and Praising GOD for saving Jesus: Psalm 91Isaiah 53Psalms 116, 117, 118.

Isa (Jesus), the Islamic Messiah and creation of Allah Almighty, is NOT our Creator:

Jesus, in the Bible, said he does not know when the Hour will come, only GOD alone Knows, Jesus said.
Jesus said if he bears witness of himself he would be a liar.
Jesus prostrated on his face and prayed and begged GOD all night long to save him from crucifixion.
Is Jesus greater than Adam?  NT says no.
Jesus was called slave of GOD in Old Testament.


Jesus Crying for the death of his friend:

Notice in John 11:38:

John 11 (KJV)
38 Jesus therefore again groaning (crying) in himself cometh to the grave. It was a cave, and a stone lay upon it.

John 11 (WYC)
38 Therefore Jesus again making noise in himself, came to the grave. And there was a den, and a stone was laid thereon.

John 11 (KJ21)
38 Jesus therefore again, groaning (crying) in Himself, came to the grave. It was a cave, and a stone lay against it.

John 11 (ISV)
Groaning (crying) deeply again, Jesus came to the tomb. It was a cave, and a stone was lying in front of it.

John 11 (NABRE)
38 So Jesus, 
perturbed again, came to the tomb. It was a cave, and a stone lay across it.

John 11 (NET)
38 Jesus, intensely moved again, came to the tomb. (Now it was a cave, and a stone was placed across it.)

Jesus was not putting on a false show of crying and moaning here.  Prior to crying for the loss of of his friend Lazarus, Jesus had no knowledge that the stench-smelling decayed man will be resurrected back to life "....the body decayeth; for he hath been dead four days..." (John 11:39).  So Jesus cried for the loss of his friend.  It was all in GOD Almighty's Hand and Permission, ALONE, to resurrect Lazarus.

Oxymoron Trinity: Jesus is the resurrection (John 11:25), but yet he doesn't know when the Hour of the resurrection will come (Matthew 24:36) [1], and he had to cry, weep and beg GOD to resurrect Lazarus back to life.  And this proves he is our Creator?  And how is he exactly The Resurrection?  Could Jesus and the disciples honestly even resurrect or create a fly on their own?  This is one of the Glorious Quran's challenges to the polytheists from mankind who insist on deifying flesh and blood, dust and water, and idols.  All are helpless.
John 5:30 "I cannot do anything on my own."  And Jesus could not determine who gets to sit on his right and on his left in Heaven.  Only GOD alone decides this, Jesus said.


Prophet Muhammad's similar experience:

GOD Almighty loves His Prophets.  Yes, He, the Almighty, puts them sometimes through many hardships, but He also shows them ample love.  Here, GOD Almighty enabled Jesus, peace be upon him, to resurrect Lazarus because Jesus was very upset for the loss of his friend.

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, also had a similar experience.  When the Romans lost their battle with the Persians in year 617 AD, the Prophet was very upset, because:

1-  His wife, Maria the Coptic, was a Christian who became a Muslim.  Her real name is Maria Shamoun [1].

2-  The Christian king of Abyssinnia, king Ashama ibn Abjar, - also known as King Armah and/or Ella Tsaham, - and who was also called with the Abyssinians royal title Al-Najashi in Arabic, - translates as Negas in English, - was the kindest to the Muslims who migrated to him after they fled the tortures and persecution of the pagans of Mecca [2].

Allah Almighty Said in the Glorious Quran:

‏‏30:2 غلبت الروم
‏30:3 في ادنى الارض وهم من بعد غلبهم سيغلبون
‏30:4 في بضع سنين لله الامر من قبل ومن بعد ويومئذ يفرح المؤمنون
‏30:5 بنصر الله ينصر من يشاء وهو العزيز الرحيم

[030:002] Romans have been defeated,
[030:003] In the lowest land! But after being defeated they will emerge victorious 
وهم من بعد غلبهم سيغلبون,

[030:004] Within several yearsفي بضع سنين To Allah belong the decision and the decree prior to this (event) and later. That day, the believers would rejoice ويومئذ يفرح المؤمنون,

[030:005] Over the victory granted by Allah. He helps whom He wants. And He is the most Powerful and the most Merciful.

The Romans indeed fought the Persians seven years later and defeated them in year 624 AD.  This Divine Promise from Allah Almighty happened just to make the Prophet and the Believers happy and to rejoice!  And no surprise there, the Divine Promise and Prophecy perfectly happened.  Please visit:


This is another powerful proof that the Quran wasn't a convenient false revelation invented by a liar.  The Glorious Quran is different.  And to every polytheist trinitarian pagan:

If you believe that Jesus is our Creator, then I quote Jesus for you:

Why are you thinking such evil things?


GOD Honored Jesus' Cries:

By the way, similar to Jesus' cry over Lazarus' death, and Prophet Muhammad's upset over the Romans' defeat, and how Allah Almighty honored both of the Prophets' requests, it is quite clear that Allah Almighty also honored Jesus' cries on the night of the crucifixion to save him.  And Allah Almighty indeed did save him from the crucifixion and death.  Please visit:

Set up for Conjecture: [21html]

The html link is a backup for the entire thread in case the blog is down.

  • The Bible declares: They were set up for conjecture [2].  See Matthew 27:16-17 and many other verses. 
  • Roman's Law:  Survive the cross = YOU LIVE! [2].
  • This conversation is further expanded on this website's blog [1html].
  • Also visit:

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    Is Jesus greater than Adam?  NT says no.

    Matthew 9:3-8, Leviticus 4:31, Mark 1:4, Luke 7:30, John 11:38-42, Matthew 15:35-37, Luke 22:14-20, Matthew 11:25, Luke 10:21,

    Quran 30:2-5


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    From www.answering-christianity.com/quran_moral_code.htm:

    245 Womanizing and womanizers are condemned in the Glorious Quran.  Allah Almighty said:

    "It is not lawful for you (to marry other) women after this, nor to change them for other wives even though their beauty attracts you, except those (captives or slaves) whom your right hand possesses. And Allah is Ever a Watcher over all things.  (The Noble Quran, 33:52)"

    Throughout the entries above, we've seen how Allah Almighty commanded the Muslim men and women to:

    1-  Be always chaste.
    2-  To lower their gazes.
    3-  To never be sexually enticing or tempting.
    4-  To never even put disbelievers into any trial or temptation.
    5-  To always be upright and a great moral example to all of mankind.
    6-  To always do what is right and condemn what is wrong.

    Islam does not condone womanizers.  Neither the Prophet was a womanizer, nor does Islam condone womanizing.  Islam honors marriage and considers its covenant to be a "Solemn Covenant". (ميثاقا غليظا).  This ميثاقا غليظا  was mentioned three times throughout the Glorious Quran:

    1-  The ميثاقا غليظا that Allah Almighty took between Him and His Prophets.

    2-  The ميثاقا غليظا that Allah Almighty took with the Jews on the holiness of the Sabbath.

    3-  The ميثاقا غليظا between the husband and the wife in Islam.

    See Noble Verses 4:21, 4:154, 33:7.

    33:52, 4:21, 4:154, 33:7





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